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Get The Most out of Your Waterfront!

Our Waterbikes are made in Long Beach California, and there’s nothing else like them in the world.  We are the only manufacturer in the world that produces a hybrid electric/manual Waterbike which is capable of withstanding the marine environment.   

I have been in the Waterbike business for 10 years, the Marine business for 35 years, and I have owned and operated every possible water bicycle craft built.  After lamenting the poor construction and design of watercraft made overseas, I decided three years ago to build a high-quality, durable hybrid electric/manual water bike that’s capable of meeting the rigors of our rental and sharing programs. Our Waterbikes can be ridden by nearly anyone, boast very few breakdowns, and they are very easy to fix.

The lack of competition on the water is worth mentioning as well.  As opposed to the wildly-successful scooter companies competing for business on land, we are the only Waterbike sharing company that operates in the water.

Come jump on board with Prop!

- John Huntington

CEO, The Waterbike Co.


Free Waterbikes.

An Easy

Revenue Stream.

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PROP For Marina Managers:  How It Works

Let’s explain what our smartphone-based Prop App and GPS systems will do for your marina!

  • With manager-level access, you (the marina manager), lifeguards, office staff, our main office at propeller, and anyone else you designate will be able to know where all Waterbikes are at all times.

  • Riders will be able to pick up your bike at designated areas and return to a different designated area. (This will be customized on the app for your specific location.)

  • If a customer is going towards an unauthorized area or winds up in the wrong slip, they are automatically informed via a "geofencing" capability within the Prop App.  As needed, speakers can be added to waterbikes to ensure an auditory alarm is heard.

  • A Prop puller will remove bikes that are improperly parked at the customer's expense.  They will be automatically charged on their credit card per the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

  • Prop also offers a concierge service where the bikes are delivered to a specific location for birthday parties, holiday events, etc.

  • If a homeowner wants to hold a waterbike overnight to use it in the morning, that can be arranged via their Prop App.

  • If you have an exercise spa and customers desire to exercise on the bikes, that can be arranged.

  • When signing up, the customer will take a short state exam for a boat license we will cover the cost by giving them their first for free.

  • There will be a tutorial on how to operate the bike in a safe and correct manner.

  • To ensure that life jackets are always aboard the watercraft, they will have proximity-based sensors embedded in them, which will be linked to the water bike's GPS system.  Marina managers will be able to locate waterbikes and life jackets as needed, and customers will be automatically charged for missing life jackets (or other equipment) on their credit card per the terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

  • Much more to come!

PROP For Marina Managers:  Terms and Conditions

  1. PROP will supply the requisite quantity of Waterbikes to the Marina Operator at no cost.

  2. The Waterbikes we supply will be electric and manually operated.

  3. Waterbikes will have a state of the art GPS tracking system aboard.

  4. PROP will maintain ownership of the Waterbikes.

  5. PROP will provide all maintenance and parts, and supply all maintenance items free of charge at all times.

  6. PROP will lock and unlock the Waterbikes morning and evening.

  7. PROP will place the Waterbikes in the proper position to maximize usage.

  8. PROP will make sure all Waterbikes are parked in proper locations and remove if parked in the wrong location, as indicated by our App.

  9. The mobile app will be available to all participants, your staff, local police, and what we call PROPullers, who are  individuals contracted by PROP that perform the daily re-positioning and recharging of PROPs.


  1. PROPullers will monitor Waterbike locations on GPS map.

  2. Riders will be fined for bikes left in restricted areas.

  3. PROPullers will immediately move Waterbikes to proper locations.

  4. PROP will provide proper insurance binder to appropriate parties.

  5. The Marina Operator will receive a minimum of 20% of gross which will be deposited in their account daily.

  6. The Marina Operator will also have the opportunity to increase their revenue percentage by assuming some or all of the daily duties that need to be performed.

  7. App similar to that in use by major “scooter sharing” companies will administer payments to Marina.

  8. The Marina Operator will keep Prop informed on all special activities and help get information out to the community.


Get On Board

Intrigued?  Questions?  We ALWAYS want to hear from you!


188 Rivo Alto Canal | Long Beach, CA 90803

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