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Think Scooter Sharing, on the Water.

The first company to launch the scooter rental business model on publicly - accessible waterways

The ONLY Company manufacturing Hybrid Electric/Manual Water Scooters
with a sharing app like Bird and Lime Scooters


  • Cruises at over 8 MPH

  • Over 4 Hour Battery Life

  • Unlimited Range Under Pedal Power

  • Turns in a Ten Foot Radius

  • USB Device Charging

  • Stay Fully Dry with Easy Step-On and Step-Off Deck

  • Recumbent Seating - Won't Leave You Sore!

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The Math is Simple.

7400 Water Scooters will be operating in...

110   Warm Weather locations worldwide.  Based on each Water Scooter operating just
8        Months out of the year...

20      Days a month, with...

4         Riders using...

120    Rental minutes per day, each Water Scooter will generate...

$2,500 per month.  Rental rates are $4 to ride plus $.60 per minute.  


7,400 Water Scooters operating for 8 months will generate a minimum of

$202,000,000 per year.

Simple to operate, just like Bird and Lime Scooters:  Customer downloads the PROP Water Scooter App, provides Credit Card information, and is shown scooter locations...

 After arrival, they activate their PROP with the QR code and off they go! 

Let's Float Some

Numbers By


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PROP App Screenshot.png

Business Plan Overview

THE WATERBIKE CO. manufactures manual/electric water bicycles.  PROP is the arm of our company that places the Waterbikes in harbors, marinas and bays, and runs all waterbike sharing operations.

The anticipated return in a five-year period will be approximately 20x your investment.*

The “Cliffs Notes” analysis of annual revenue potential:

Our projected goal in five years is to have 7,400 Waterbikes in sharing positions throughout the world. 

Each bike placed will have the capability of generating an average of approximately $2,500 in gross revenue per month. (see below for full revenue analysis).

7,400 bikes x $2500/month = Over $200 Million in Gross Revenue Per Year.

*Actual returns will vary based on many factors.  Part ownership in the company does not guarantee return of money or guaranteed profit.

I know this sounds like a phenomenal return, but this is on par with the returns from the scooter companies which have become the fastest growing startups in history.  Bird reached a valuation of $2 billion in 12 months.  Our Waterbike business model is exactly the same as Bird, Lime, Spin, etc., with one major difference. 

And it’s not simply land vs. water.

The biggest difference is that the scooter companies have direct competition in every targeted city.  All of these companies use fleets of scooters made in China that anyone can buy.  Our Waterbikes are made in Long Beach California, and there’s nothing else like them in the world.  We are the only manufacturer in the world that produces a hybrid electric/manual Waterbike which is capable of withstanding the marine environment.   

I have been in the Waterbike business for 10 years, the Marine business for 35 years, and I have owned and operated every possible water bicycle craft built.  After lamenting the poor construction and design of watercraft made overseas, I decided three years ago to build a high-quality, durable hybrid electric/manual water bike that’s capable of meeting the rigors of our rental and sharing programs. Our Waterbikes can be ridden by nearly anyone, boast very few breakdowns, and they are very easy to fix.

The lack of competition on the water is worth mentioning as well.  As opposed to the wildly-successful scooter companies competing for business on land, we are the only Waterbike sharing company that operates in the water.


For now. 

We must hit the market hard and fast to gain full control over the market. 

We can do it with your investment in the company.



- John Huntington

CEO, The Waterbike Co.

PROP Rental Revenue Analysis

To demonstrate the financial revenue potential of the PROP business model, detailed below is the price and revenue structure of wildly-successful “scooter sharing” companies, Bird, Lime, and Spin, and then using that model, an extrapolation of how PROP will generate revenue.

Bird, Lime, and Spin Rental Revenue Analysis:

For customers: A charge of $1 to start up a scooter and then $.15/minute.

1 Scooter rented for an average of 5 hours per day makes (approximately) $50/day x 30 days/month = $1,500 per month, or $18,000/year.

Extrapolated out to a fleet of 100 scooters, that number becomes $1,800,000/year.

PROP Rental Revenue Analysis:

Because it is accepted that water-based transportation is inherently more expensive than land, as well as the complete lack of competition on the water, PROP will be charging approximately twice the rate of a land-based scooter.

Below are extrapolations of the two proposed hourly price structures; standard “base” pricing and higher-demand “surge” or “premium location” pricing.


PROP Standard “base” pricing revenue model:

For customers: A charge of $2 to start up a Waterbike and then $.30/minute.

1 Waterbike rented for 5 hours per day makes $100/day x 30 days/month= $3,000 x 12 months = $36,000/year. 

Extrapolated out to a fleet of 100 Waterbikes, that number becomes $3,600,000/year.

PROP Higher Demand “surge” or “premium location” pricing revenue model:

Much like the “scooter sharing” model, some locations such as Disney, Universal Studios, Florida Keys, San Diego, Mission Bay, etc. will charge a premium price of $5 to start up a Waterbike plus $.50/minute. 

This pricing model will also go into effect at other locations during times of “surge” demand.

1 Waterbike rented for 5 hours per day makes $175/day x 30 days/month= $5,250 x 12 months = $63,000/year. 

Extrapolated out to a fleet of 100 Waterbikes, that number becomes $6,300,000/year.

On average, approximately 85% of the Waterbikes will be rented at the standard “base” pricing rate, and 15% will be rented at the higher-demand “surge” or “premium location” pricing rate. Using our above formulas, this calculates out to $3,338 per month per waterbike. 

Extrapolated out to a fleet of 100 Waterbikes, that number becomes $4,005,000/year!

Granted, these numbers are likely on the optimistic side, and each location will vary in demand.  However, even scaled back a bit, the return on investment is a no-brainer; the potential for sizable revenue returns is self-evident.


Hit The Deck:  Modeled after Bird's Record-Breaking Success

The Fastest Growing Startup Since...Startups.

Come Join the hybrid water Bike revolution!

PROP Water Scooter - As Seen On:

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Demonstration of features

Our Team

John Huntington - Headshot.jpg



Over 35 years of retail maritime experience - mastermind of the PROP Water Scooter, owner of multiple boatyards and master marine mechanic.



Plant Manager

Owned and Operated manufacturing

facilities for over 20 years

CFO - Kim Afflerbach.jpg



30 Years Experience as a CFO of major brands

Ben Schechter - Headshot.png



Multi-disciplined Tech Guru with over 20 years experience within IT, Web, Marketing, and Mobile industries



Maritime Safety Expert

Medal of Valor Recipient with over 30 Years experience as Baywatch Commander


For More Information:

Intrigued?  Questions?  We ALWAYS want to hear from you!

John Huntington - Headshot.jpg

- John Huntington, Founder


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