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Think Scooter Sharing, on the Water.

Be a part of the first company to launch the "scooter rental" business model (Bird, Lime, etc.) on accessible waterways.

  • Pay Nothing, Ever.

  • Net an Average of $10k/Year Per Waterbike

  • No Maintenance Costs - Receive Daily Payouts

  • Hybrid Electric/Manual Drive System

  • 5-Hour Battery with a Top Speed of 7 MPH

  • Smartphone-based Rental App with GPS tracking

FREE Waterbikes.

No Sweat.

No Risk.

Waterbike Woman.jpg
PROP App Screenshot.png

See PROP in Action


Contact Us

Intrigued?  Questions?  We ALWAYS want to hear from you!


188 Rivo Alto Canal | Long Beach, CA 90803

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